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Make one, give one

Your selected image will be optically transferred to a bespoke glass plate through a combination of 20th century engineering and a 19th century photographic process. Then framed and stamped with a personal number of your choice. 

Every order enables a refugee or person who is seeking sanctuary to join a SIM Project workshop and make their own unique artefact to keep and wear.

β€˜In the process we pull a memory out of the phone. This picture allows me to feel the breeze and touch the nature of my homeland.’

– Afghan judge, London 2022

Steps to create


Make a screenshot on your phone that has meaning to you. It might be your home screen, a message from a loved one, a photograph on your camera roll... 


Choose between a gold or silver plated frame for your unique silver gelatin glass print 


Select a personal number to be hand stamped onto the SIM-scale metal back 


An original origami box will be made by our project artist Janahan to hold your precious piece

Contact our lab

Email us and we will help shape your original piece.


All sales profit will be used to fund free workshops for refugees and people seeking sanctuary, our education events and the mobile collection of SIM artefacts. 

Our metal is responsibly sourced from an approved LBMA (London Bullion Market) supplier – The LBMA audit verifies the legitimacy of gold and silver supply chains, ensuring sourcing meets international ethical standards.

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